Friday, November 2, 2012

Pre-Reading Week 11

·      I believe the purpose of hip-hop is to heel and give listened strength to over come something in their lifes. Also another purpose I believe hip-hop is informs listeners what is going on in the world.
·      The majority of hip-hop artist are black. The consumers of hip-hop are diverse there are many races who listen to hip-hop or have listen to hip-hop and have bought an artist album or mix tape. Hip-hop is not really pro-homogenous. Therefore, you hardly see any rappers are may be gay “come out of the closet.”
·      Hip-hop is so popular because not only dose it bring awareness to society but also it gives listeners a foundation, anything is possible if you believe. Hip-hop is very popular because people can dance to the music not only to the lyrics but also to the beat. Hip-hop is problematic in some case for example, when rappers write in their lyrics about murdering a human, gang affiliation, claiming territory over another neighborhood, drugs, sex, and jail. Giving young listeners the idea and mentally to do the same so they have the same life-style as their favorite rapper.  Once this occurs conflict between individuals and gang’s members occur.
·      Rock feels he has to defend rap music today because rap music is more discriminating towards women and uses sexism. Rock also feels the music that is release is more blunt about having women dancing on a mans private parts. Where as in the past hip-hop era music was less discriminating toward women and told a story rather than rapping about sex, booty shaking and titty showing.
·      Some positive aspect of Hip-hop is it has united the world by people being able to relate to a certain person and their life-style. Hip-hop has also given us great rappers such as Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Michael Jackson, and Whitteny Huston.
·      The roe in  Hip-hop towards women has evolved where as in the past Little Kim, Salt and Pepper and Missy Elliot had to fight and act like a man in order to gain respect from the public. Back then women rappers were not as popular as it is today. Today Nicki Minaj has opened the doors for other female rappers by her aggressiveness and “bars” in rapping. Her versus in many songs she has wrote or is featured in dominant male rappers. I believe there is still misogynistic to a certain point in Hip-hop because if a female is serious about proving herself rather than having a sex appeal to the rap society, she has a better chance to gain respect rather than being taken a joke.

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  1. Hi Mariela,
    It does seem that you are familiar with some of the issues we will be discussing over the next two weeks; such as the issues in hip-hop over lyrical content, violence, misogyny and the barriers that female artists face in order to gain success (and maybe the choices that they have to make to market themselves). I hope you find these 2 weeks in class to be interesting!