Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pre-Reading Week Twelve

Hip Hop has evolved in many aspects giving artist a “voice.” Not only has Hip hop influence society today from past records and new records but also hip-hop has become a new revolution for example, in the 2008 elections Obama was the voice of the young people. Artist made songs about Obama and took a stand during interviews about how important it is to vote.  Obama not only won the election by his debates and plan but also by hip-hop helping his message spread nation wide. Therefore, Hip-hop can be used to further social justice to make a change in our society and nation. Although these great aspect about hip hop making a movement into social justice there are down falls. Many individuals who see hip-hop as a disgrace to music critique the genre. Stating it is a discrimination against women, improper, and false allegations. In my opinion they are wrong. I see hip-hop as a tool for social justice because it is a less censor voice to the nation. For example, the Obama is a social justice to the nation because he delivers Americans what is happening in our nation and what we have to do to stop it. Rather than being more blunt about the topic he needs to speak proper and informative versus Hip-hop artist can inform the listens what is happening but are les censor.Hip hop can be a powerful tool of activism because it artist use hip-hop as a voice to reach out  to listens and open their eyes to what is really going on in our nation. Activism to me is a a person taking a stand to a issue. Hip hop is a more conscious genre than others because hip hop is portray as powerful and gives listeners a sense of control. Where as other genre are not directed towards major issues. I choses this video because this song was a huge hit when it came out. It also open peoples eyes to killings, racism, and discrimination. The Black Eye Peas symbolize a huge question mark in the video asking the listens where the love meaning where is the love and peace our nation once had? Now our nation is falling part killing each other and the government is hiding the truth away from us. This song is a great example of activism. 

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  1. Hi Mariela,
    This is a great blog post but, like we talked about in meeting, pre-reading blogs are due the SATURDAY before. Therefore, you won't get credit for this one because it is late.