Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Post-Reading Week Fourteen

  •        How does each of the approaches we studied challenge the PIC?

Each approach that we studied in class this week challenges the PIC in its own way. In the reading INCITE! W/O/C Against Violence challenges the PIC by creating movements that will end the violence internally and with in the state. By challenging the state laws the movement will not only end the violence but will create a society based on radical freedom. Mothers and Prisoners challenge the PIC system by creating workshops and a union ship with in mothers and families who have lost a love one in the PIC system. Mothers and Prisoners support both mothers and prisoners even though the prisoner may have done something horrible. Mothers are still there. The interesting approach this group takes on is they sit it in the court room while the case is being heard giving the mother and prisoner support “they are there for them.” Another way in which the mother and prisoners challenges the PIC system is through publicity and advocate for prisoners rights. Accounting Communities challenges the PIC system with the idea of it PIC is no longer useful and needs to be abolish. The idea of the Accounting Communities is the idea of holding the individuals with in the community accountable for their actions. The community gives a sense they no longer need the authorities to be involved. Lastly, the Abortionist Alternatives is similar to Accounting Communities when challenging the PIC because they both want the system to be abolish, but have other alternatives for individuals who commit a crime rather than just going straight to jail due to one offense. The Pic system in the eyes of Abortionist Alternative see the system as racism and slavery coming together giving a new sense of Jim Crow.
  • What actions if any do you believe the individual people can take in order to challenge the PIC?

I believe individuals looking to take order of the PIC system should join forces with Mothers and Prisoners and Abortionist Alternatives. Both ideas are very strong to abolish the PIC system because both work for the same purpose. In the Mothers and Prisoners the group comes together to make the word known abut the PIC system and what it really is, giving a sense of comfort to families and mothers. Abortionist Alternatives work to find different ways to prevent young individuals from going to jail for a “stupid” mistake. Making alternatives will these people from getting a record proving to the PIC system they do not need to be incarcerated. 

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