Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pre-Reading Week 13

1. In your opinion, what are the connections between race and crime?
In my opinion, the connections between race and crime are all base on racial profiling. Latinos and African Americans have always been looked as criminals in our society. Racial profiling plays a huge impact in our society and minorities are looked down upon.  I also believe our society likes to think racism is no longer present. This is a false because whites are still superior in our society and monitories are underneath them.  

2. What is the “Industrial” part of the Prison-Industrial Complex?

The Industrial part of Prison- Industrial Complex is the prison receives money for each imamate in prison. The prison industry provides jobs for the imamates. Rather than paying the imamates minimum wage they pay them by cents per hour. Some jobs provided by the imamates are answering the phones for big time companies such as Victoria’s Secret. Another job in which the imamates participate in are making license plates and building desk such as the desk at SFSU. While working in the prison industy the imamates are subject to “slavery work” while incarcerated.

3. Is crime defined to impact some populations more than others? Who is believes to be more criminal?

Crime is defined to impact some population rather than others such as Latinos and Blacks, whereas whites are not viewed to commit crimes.  In my opinion society views “color people” more criminalmatic than other races. I would some what agree with these views because our prisons are filled with blacks and Latinos we hardly see a large amount of whites in prison cells.

4. What functions do prisons serve in the United States?

There are many functions the prison serves in the United States. First, prisons keep criminals out of society to prevent harm to “good” citizens. Second, prisons punish criminals for the crimes in which they committed. These aspects of why prison serves good serves in the United States.

5. Why do you think that people of color are over-represented in the prison population in the United States?

I believe “color people” are over-represented in the prison population in the United States because they represent the number of imamates in the prison industry. Also, “color people” commit crimes because of their low income and not as educated as most people. Which leads them to seal in order to make a living.

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