Friday, September 7, 2012

Post- Reading Reflection Week One: History/ Future of Ethnic Studies

San Francisco State University is home of the rebellish strikers, who fought for a great purpose. There are similar issues between current students and the strikers from the 1968, fairness. Students today are having struggles to attend college right out of high school due to an increase in tuition and CSU not accepting as many students. As tuition increases classes are decreasing making it harder to graduate on time.  Student’s dreams are being put on hold. Just like the strikers students are taking a stand and protesting for fairness and lowing tuition. The 1968 strikers wanted Ethnic Studies to address to offer courses and programs of different culturals and minorities. Rather than being taught just about American History and short stories about there culture and ancestors. I believe every student has the right to learn about their history and how their ancestors came to the United States. Horne, a legislator of HB2281, who opposes ethnic studies, which cause students to learn about their race and struggles rather than just learning of other races than theirs. He believes students will over the government and start a strike. Horne also believes, ethnic studies will divided races.  A 1986 striker would highly disagree with this statement. Students have the right to learn about their race and background rather than just learning short studies of their ancestors past. Throughout my history classes in high school touched only on white history. For example, learning about the American Revolution my whole sophomore year and learning the Declaration of Independence and Constitution my junior year, not one of those years did I learn anything about any other ethnicities who were also effected. Also In my opinion there are many other races rather than just one. Here in the United States studies educate students only on Americas ups and downs throughout history. Horne argument against Ethnic Studies, which he said constantly, was we should not teach students the downsides of history because it would cause students to be oppressed and protest against the government. Dyson arguments favor against Ethnic Studies is that students have the right to learn about not only American history but also other ethnicities and the truths of history through the ups and downs. One major benefit of students taking than ethnic studies class outside of their own heritage would allow students to not only know their heritage struggles but also others struggles, which would also bring students together because what their ancestors faced maybe other ethnicities faced the same as well. I would tell them that ethnic studies are a great way to learn about other cultural and struggles, rather than just going throughout life only knowing Americas background of history.

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