Friday, September 14, 2012

Pre-Reading Question Week Two

There are many ethnicities and races in the United State such as African American, Chicano/Hispanic/Latinos, Asian, Chinese, Korean, Cuban, Native American, Pacific Islander, Arab and  Americans. These major ethnicity/races compared to the Census, in my opinion  is not right. The census did not provide a categorize for Mexicans, Arab, Native American, Cuban, etc.  The census did provide various Asian races which I believe is not accurate because there is a minimum amount of Asians that we see today. I think the census has more Asian than other ethnicity/ and races because we trade with China and want to be in good terms and have various choose to chose from when claim citizenship when individuals from China migrate to the United States. When filling out the census i chose (yes, mexican american/chicano) as a place I would categorize myself in. As for the race I would chose white because I am an American citizen.No, I was not able to fill out the check boxes easily because there is no category for Hispanics. This was difficult because the census had more Asian races than any other race. Therefore,I chose white because Americans are consider white. Also, although Arabs are a different race they are force to chose white rather than their race.Yes, the racial and ethnicity  categories that the census put out have an influence on racial and ethnic categories that we see in everyday basis because in my opinion we see more black and mexican than Asian or pacific islander. What was very interesting to me is why the census had more Asian and choses rather than African American and Pacific Islander with a minimum amount. Also, the census did not indicate Hispanic/ Latino was a chose of race.  If  I were to re-do the census I would add Hispanic/Latino, Jewish, Arab, Native American, Cuban, and minimize the  Asian category. In conclusion, there are two major events in which i believe changed the census. One major event was on  September 11, Iraq dictator sent individuals to lose there life and the life's of many Americans by sending two airplanes into the twin towers killing billions of people. This event changed society and the world in just a matter of seconds. As for the census Arabs are now to be categorize as Arab American rather than just Arab. Another event that took place in which the the census was changed was the stoppage of slavery and African Americans were given a chance for independence  rather than being owned by white people.

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  1. HI Mariela H,
    Your observations about how the Census differs from your list is very interesting. While you felt that there were 'too many' Asian categories, some of your classmates had an opposite view. I might suggest reading some of your classmates blog to see why these differences might arise. And while you provided a structural hypothesis as to why this is- some Asians were left off the list (Cambodians, Hmong, Laotians, etc), in addition to Arabs and Latinos (in the racial question). Wy were some Asians on the list as opposed to these others? I also think you are right on about the two events that changed the Census- keep these (and others!) in mind for the exercise we do in class on Wednesday.