Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pre-reading week seven

Intersexuality occurs between sexes for example, the diversity between the black and white women. Both races fight for working opportunities but black women fight for a more equal pay labor because they have been working for many years where as white women are only see as house wife’s’. Studying intersexuality in ethnic studies is important because not only does it show the same gender working tighter to fight for similar rights but treated differently to resolve the cause. Domestic violence is a very common issue in our society today. Domestic violence is not only physical but emotional, financial, verbal, and abusive to an individual. Immigrants are victims of domestic violence. Although they have many resources they are afraid to use them because their abuser can harm them more. It is important to learn about domestic violence so we as students can learn the obstacles immigrants may go through to receive citizenship. Domestic violence is very different in races, class, language and nationality because the United States only speaks English and has a certain cultural. Although it is very diversity in the United States not all domestic violence survivors are American and may have to go through various obstacles to report abuse. For example, a Latina immigrant has been abuse for to years now, it has gotten to the point where she has been hit. She calls the police to report her abuser but does not speak English. The police arrive to her house but do not speak Spanish therefore she will have to wait for a translator to come in order to get a report. By this time her abuser has convince the police nothing has happen and leave. Due to the Latina not able to speak Spanish has limited her safety.  There are many conventional solutions for people in domestic violence relationship such as resources in helping the survivor move away from their partner. Shelters and people who help receive a visa for immigrants who are apart of an abusive relationship. There are also three types of visa a survivor can receive which are t-visa, u-visa and vawa.  Although not all resources are cable of helping the survivor  due to many nonsense policies that make it impossible to receive justice. For example, a survivor has been in a relationship with their abuser  and their relationship as taken a tool. The survivor is can not just leave the relationship he needs to have physical evidence and reports of the abuse in order to be process for a vawa.  These resources are possible for all survivors who want help in getting away. There are alternatives to resolving this situation because not all survivors speak English therefore they have to go through various obstacles to receive justice and put there abuser away.

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  1. Hi Mariela,
    So, first thing: I think when you say "intersexuality", you may be trying to say "intersectionality". It does seem like you understand the different barriers to dv survivors getting help, however, I would like to see you putting those barriers into conversation with intersectionality- try reading (and commenting on!) some of your classmate's blogs to get a clearer idea.