Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pre-Reading Week Eight

 LD, MR, and ED are all categories of learning disorder toward students. These categories relationship to special education are to help students get a head who struggle learning in a classroom. I believe students of color are over-represented in special education classes because they have a different a background than white student. White students have more privileges in education because their parents are middle class or upper class which they can seek help in helping their children get ahead outside of school with tutoring and special programs which the school may not know about. Where as color students are either poor class or struggling to be in the middle class. People of color are limited to education resources because most parents work day in and day out. Another reason why I see this statistic to be true is stereotyping. Stereotyping in a classroom is very common. For example, a black child who just sit in class and doesn’t do his work but is a smart student deep down. A teacher would diegost him with LD because he does not participate in any of the activities. Rather than looking at her teaching methods she jumps to the conclusion her black student has a LD, where he can very much learn but just not to her method. Teachers should be able to be diverse in their teaching and try different method before making the conclusion the student has a LD. Disability can impact how people experience their lives because they begin to believe something is wrong with them and even though they are very able to learn they do not. In the reading, Michael Story the student was diegonst with a LD by a formal teacher of his. Michael was very capable of leaning and had the willingness, but once he was put into special education he was not able to get out. Year after year he was told he would get out of special education but he never did. Telling a student the next year they will get out and not releasing the student is crushing to the students self. Connors means the ideal of social construct is white privilege people have the mentality of a state being is in the middle class, able-body and white. Where as the non-social construct is working class, disable and people of color. I highly disagree with this statement because the working class are people who do the hard labor where the middle class just sits back and file papers.

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