Friday, October 5, 2012

Post Reading :Week Five

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva refers to Color Blind Racism as “racism lite,” because whites have a great way of hiding their structural privilege with minorities who do not share the same privileges. For example, whites claim that minorities are “just lazy and in-cooperative in the society or the community,” in my opinion this is a false claim.  Color people have become highly educated but face many obstacles such as “remunerated jobs or jobs with limited opportunities.” Versus white people they are born into this world without any experiences but gain privileges because of their skin color. A claim that was upsetting to read was “Asians got in the higher level like, us so everyone can do it too.” This statement is claiming that it is the minorities’ decisions and actions that will justify them to be at the level of white people. Racism lite also claims that we all equal as a whole and there is no more discrimination between races, if this stamen was true then why are whites still at the top of power?
This video cannot be racist because she is pointing out how our society is today and how white people treat and act like color people. Racism is having power over another race, which in this case she has no power of whites and what they have already acted upon and said. There are many points she is trying to prove in this video but there are four points that really stood out to me. First, in the beginning of the video she says “Not to be racist but..” when someone starts out there sentence with those five words they are already claiming a racist statement. Second, when she states, “you can use the N word and I cant.” The N word was given to color people during the slavery era; black people use the term today to show pride. Third, the word “ghetto,” ghetto is used to claim something that is not worth much value or is not associated with to “style” society wants to portray. Lastly, referring to black people hair as “ nappy, real or fake.” White people gain from using colorblind racism because back in the 1950s they were able to be more blunt about segregating blacks and white. After the civial rights movement whites need to be more hidden about racism, so they did it by esblishing laws and letting the law do the work. We study CBR in Ethnic Studies to make us more aware of what privileges we truly have and view them in our point of view. Also, we study CBR to learn about diversity and how policties use the term. CBR, does matter in our pursuit of social justice because it gives us a better understanding of how our nation see us “color people” rather than how they see white people. I believe CBR is a useful tool in understanding race in the United States because it gives us a better understanding of how we are as a race and how our privileges are used against us and for us.

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